About Us

Socrates Antoniou: Cornucopia Promotions is a small and decentralized sole proprietorship type company that was founded by Socrates Antoniou in order to find simple, logical and cheap solutions to all your needs regarding marketing and advertising. These fields include image and text editing, logo creation, website development (WordPress) and maintenance, marketing strategy, social media management, creation and distribution of promotional material, and more.

Founder story

About 3 years ago, after Socrates Antoniou had graduated and served in the navy, he prepared to look for a job. However, he soon heard from his peers that many problems have arosen regarding their generation (1990s): many work overtime but don’t get paid, or get paid  less than what they should etc. So, he thought that he should just open his own business, set his own wages and hours and find his own clients.

But, just who is Socrates Antoniou? He is the founder of Socrates Antoniou: Cornucopia Promotions. He graduated from the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication of the University of the Aegean in 2014 and currently holds a computer use certificate granted by the University of the Aegean and a proficiency diploma in English awarded by the University of Michigan. In the summer of 2013 he did his internship at the Municipal Organization of Sports, Culture and Environment of Chalcis in the Public Relations Department. He also completed the seminars “Personal Development – Skills Improvement” and “Emotional Intelligence” of the Department of Banking and Financial Management of the University of Piraeus.

He envisioned the company as a jack of all trades business, capable of satisfying every corner of the marketing/advertising industry. Over the past couple of years, he launched a slew of new channels and functionalities: LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/socrates-antoniou-cultural-promotions/), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/sacp2019/), a website (https://sacp.gr/) as well as a number of promotional material (brochure, business card, resume and price list). Additionally, after its launching, the company will be added in a number of listings like Google Maps, Vrisko.gr, Lemonbook and Xo.gr.

As our company, list of services and team continue to grow, we vow to carry on with our mission: to provide the best services we can and make all our clients happy. Ther owner may seem as a greenhorn but, with the support of his experienced freelancer team, he gurantees a wonderful experience.


 As stated before, our company is small, decentralized and sole proprietorship type. So there is not much of a culture, aside from our relationship with our clients, potential or long time. But, seeing as we employ a team of freelancers in order to lessen the load, we try to create keep things creative, humble, independent and healthy. This business is meant to be diverse, inclusive, and equitable which is good for all.

We shall endeavor to empower each other and use our own perspectives and experiences to  help each associate grow and develop. We will also arrange a company dinner each month that will include all available partners that helped make this company what it is and what it wishes to be.

Corporate citizenship

We love our municipality of Kifisia and we aim to invest financially to the community in the future. Each year, as we grow, we will give nonprofit organizations the opportunity to grow. By partnering with nonprofits we will help tackle vital problems of the community, but also strengthen or promote cultural organizations. That way our employees and clients can use our tools to inspire positive change.